for players, by players

About loadscout

Loadscout is a project created for players by players.

After playing airsoft for many years we noticed the lack of a service that can be used as a buyer's guide for airsoft players.  That's when the idea to create Loadscout was born...

After more than a year of hard work, we can proudly present the result of our effort.

Loadscout is a core engine that organizes data around the web. We are using crawling technologies in order to get the data, we review and correct them when required and then add them on Loadscout. You can read more tecnhical stuff about how Loadscout works here.

Our goal is not to create just a buyer's search engine but a more useful tool, so except the buyer's compare search mechanism we have created the loadouts system which is a system that collects sets of items in order to help players choose their appearance style or even copy the exact loadout of different units or eras.