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Guay Guay Trading Co. Ltd. (G&G ARMAMENT)
Established in 1986, G&G has accumulated over two decades of experience in the design and manufacturing of airsoft guns, action figures, and military/law enforcement equipment, for airsoft gun and military enthusiasts all over the world.

G&G has rearranged its new line up starting year 2011. The two major subsidiaries under our flag are: GT and GC ; The other one is Mustang Outdoor and Tactical Gear.

G&G always determined on marking high quality Airsoft products. We cybernate to design all products. It allows the products to be precise and stable.

G&G always tries to find a new design, new materials, and new systems to make our products stronger and more competitive .We use The "CNC" shift operation to make parts, and make them more similar to the real ones. And we try to test all kind of materials in each part to ensure its quality.

G&G always focuses on customer's ideals to upgrade parts to make the product lifeline more and more perfect. G&G insists all parts to be made in Taiwan. We wish our customer can own a high quality Airsoft gun made by G&G. And we believe in high quality product is the best sales argument.

In addition to the design and manufacture of high quality airsoft guns, G&G also offers OEM and ODM services for airsoft and firearms manufacturers. G&G supplies wide variety of replacement components to our distributors and as well as dealers.

G&G is committed to the best service support for our customers. G&G have a dedicated service for order repair part. G&G provide a step-to-step instructional video on offical website for our customers to facilitate the service of our products.

G&G is constantly researching new ways to innovate in designs and materials to ensure the best quality of our products. All G&G products are designed and built with computer assisted design tools such as Computer Numerical Control (CNC) turning operation to ensure tight precision and quality.

G&G values the customer's feedback, as we incorporate improvements and upgrade to our future products. All G&G products are proudly made in Taiwan.

It is G&G vision that our customer can enjoy the best experience using our product, and we strife in delivering the best quality product as the key to our success.


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Our team put a lot of effort to keep loadscout accurate and uptodate, though we are human and maybe we are mssing something.
We will be happy if you help on our effort by pointing out any problem you find o make a suggestion.

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