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    RS International Industry Hong Kong Co., Ltd. specializes in manufacturing airsoft guns under the brand RS (RealSword).Our strong background in airsoft product sales,production and development gives us the confiden- ce to enter and successfully negotiate the airsoft gun market.


    Our specially designed airsoft gun faithfully reproduces the exterior design,structure and scale of the original product. Specifically, we have not changed any part of the original product,so that our product is indistinguisha- ble from the original. Faithfulness to the original is RS guiding development and manufacturing principle. Each of our products reflects our commitment to this principle.


    In keeping with our guiding principle, all RS products are suitable for militaristic sports training and can with- stand the challenges of any environment. RS products are reliable and stable. We have also reasonably priced our products to promote wargame sports. Every RS product model will surprise and thrill airsofters and collect- ors.They are the best choice for personal and business use. In 2007, RS obtained exclusive authorization from the relevant organizations to introduce the “ RS 2007, Year of China Airsoft ” product series. RS type 97 and 56 series of AEG are our first gifts to the world. All products maintain the features and style of the real steel origi- nal,creating more realistic and perfect wargame pleasure.


    As a manufacturer, we treasure developing long-term cooperative relationships with our partners.Our team is committed to providing our customers with new products and more satisfactory service. This commitment will continually exceed wargame customers’ needs.At the same time it ensures our partners’ profits. Together with our customers and partners, RS is dedicated to the development of safe and pleasurable wargame sports.

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