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Abbey - Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35

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Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35


Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 is a high quality silicone lubricant which protects and lubricates your guns for the best performance possible.

It is highly water repellent, preventing rain and moisture from attaching to your gun. Just like a well polished car, rainwater beads and runs off the surface. This prevents rusting and corrosion whilst shooting in damp weather conditions.

Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 has a couple of major advantages over conventional mineral oils.


  • Non-harmful to wood - mineral oils are known to penetrate and soften wood leading to damage over time
  • Does not evaporate like mineral oils so you keep an oily film on your gun and make the oil last much longer
  • Prevents fingerprints from forming as well as pitting and rusting from occuring. This prevents damage from occuring over time, extending the life of your gun.


Available in both 30ml dropper bottles and 150ml aerosol cans.

Born Survivor uses Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 with confidence

'We use Abbey Silicone Gun Oil 35 with confidence as it's specifically
formulated for use on air weapons. It does an excellent job of stopping
corrosion and rust and can bring dried out and worn seals back to life
without having to disassemble the gun.'

Andy Rigby, Born Survivor





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