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ASG - M15 S.I.R. Mod. 2. Valuepack - Desert

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Initial Speed:
312 m/s
Magazine Capacity:
300 rds
2900 g
Barrel Length:
372 mm
795 length
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A Desert tan version of the Sportline Armalite M15 S.I.R. mod. 2. Valuepack. A massive looking yet remarkable lightweight S.I.R. system makes this a remarkable Airsoft gun. Made famous by US special forces, the S.I.R. system was one of the very first free float rail systems that allows a customized set-up of tactical accessories. The Sop-Mod butt-stock allows for easy acces to the battery compartment. This Sportline model features System & Flip-up sights fully licensed by A.R.M.S. Inc.


• Battery and charger included

• Vertical foregrip included
• High cap magazine included 


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  • M15 S.I.R. Mod. 2. Valuepack - Desert
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    189.00 €
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    189.00 €
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